5 Technology Trends To Look Out For In 2020

Technology Trends To Look Out

Technology Trends To Look Out For In 2020

From AI to round innovation, here are the innovation patterns you ought to be watching out during the current year. The best technology trends to look out in 2020.

From problematic AI to the web of things, innovation patterns will keep on molding the manner in which we live and work in 2020.

A year ago observed leaps forward from lab-developed meat to the improvement of smartwatches that help identify coronary failures, and the pace of advancement gives no indication of easing back.


These progressions are incredible news for MBA graduates. As per a review of corporate selection representatives by the Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC), the tech business was probably the most grounded division for MBA employing request a year ago—at CUHK Business School, for example, 11% of MBAs were contracted by tech organizations in the wake of graduating.

Be that as it may, what does 2020 have coming up for the tech business?

Here are the five innovation patterns you ought to be on the watch during the current year.

1. Large information meets mechanized AI

It’s been said that information is the new oil—however not at all like oil, we’re in no short stock.

Indeed, as indicated by the Harvard Business Review, an ever increasing number of associations are coupling huge information with mechanized AI (ML) to handle the gigantic measures of information they have available to them.

By utilizing this ‘AutoML’ innovation to apply complex investigation to certifiable issues, organizations can sidestep the requirement for exceptionally gifted information researchers temporarily and begin applying these vital advances straightaway.

For CUHK MBAs, this resembles a brilliant chance. The AI and Machine Learning elective on the CUHK MBA shows understudies how to apply innovations like AI, ML, and Deep Learning to business extends in the monetary administrations industry.

This information on the best way to utilize complex innovation to accomplish solid business destinations will demonstrate entirely attractive as more organizations take up AutoML forms, both inside the money related administrations industry and out.

2. Edge processing will change the Internet of Things

Edge processing is another tech wonder that intends to carry the computational intensity of AI to littler IoT systems.

It went to the cutting edge of tech news toward the end of last year when Amazon Web Services reported that they were joining forces with Verizon to make 5G distributed computing programming dependent on the innovation.

As more organizations overall follow Amazon and Verizon’s lead, economic scientist Forrester predicts that interest in edge figuring will soar—and that implies technically knowledgeable MBAs need to focus.

For CUHK understudies at any rate, this ought to be simple, as the MBA electives on offer give understudies abundant chances to find out about troublesome advancements—for example in the Tech Disruptions and Innovative Business Models module.

3. Incorporation over mechanization

This uptick in AI and IoT innovation won’t simply influence customers and data handling; it’s additionally set to have enormous implications for mechanical autonomy.

IDC predicts that by 2022, the worldwide mechanical autonomy market will have come to $210 billion, with half of the venture originating from assembling as AI and IoT innovations make robots increasingly modern.

Be that as it may, this doesn’t really spell mass computerization. Numerous outlets are foreseeing that human-laborer blends, or ‘cobots’, will be an enormous pattern in 2020.

These robots will be entrusted with upgrading the abilities of human laborers to expand effectiveness—for example, by taking over dull activities that every now and again cause injury or infinitesimal activities that require minute exactness.

This advanced change will require supervisors who realize how to deal with development and oversee change—the two abilities that CUHK understudies learn in the Digital Transformation and Innovation elective on the MBA program.

4. 3D printing will empower more organizations to move to round assembling

Another enormous pattern in assembling is a move towards manageable creation.

3D-printed biodegradable polymers are apparently opening ways to roundabout assembling forms, as they can be reused again and again before being discarded with insignificant harm to the earth.

As buyers become progressively worried about the items and administrations they use and their effect on the planet, this sort of reasoning is probably going to turn out to be increasingly more significant for MBAs to learn into 2020 and past.

5. Increased and computer generated reality will arrive at new statures

At long last, enlarged and computer generated reality advances are set to assume a major job in tech in 2020, after a blasting 2019 in which a revealed 42.9 million individuals in the only us utilized a VR item.

Obviously, one of the key territories in which this will become possibly the most important factor in gaming. With China being the world’s biggest computer games advertise, CUHK Business School is a prime area for MBAs who are keen on advancements right now—truth be told, it may even put them on the ball.

CUHK MBA graduate Howard Tian set up his own VR startup, Go Immersive, in 2017, and it is as yet flourishing three years after the fact.

As AR and VR hot up in 2020, we may see more CUHK alums the accompanying suit.

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