Arrive And Depart In Style – Classic Cars For Weddings

A wedding day is probably one of the most important and emotional days of any couples lives. It is one that will create memories that will last a lifetime and one that will be celebrated for years to come by family and friends. it should be a day that is filled with joy and a sense of style and occasion.

What better way could there be to reinforce the importance and emotions of the day than to rent that classic car to convey the bride to that most important of days and convey them to and from the wedding ceremony and reception in an elegant package that will compliment the glowing nature of the bride and the pride of the groom.

For the married couple the choice of which classic car to choose can be a difficult one, however there are some evergreen favorites that will never go out of style.

The first is of course the classic Rolls Royce.

If there is a single automobile that conveys a sense of style and occasion it is the Rolls Royce. The classic models provide a visual cue as to the importance of the day and will only compliment the appearance of the bride. Of course the sheer spaciousness of these models will also allow the bride to be with an experience that will allow her to arrive glowing and unruffled at the wedding irrespective of the complexity and style of her wedding gown.

Models that have long been associated with occasions of only the utmost importance and have been selected by royalty and the super rich in celebration of these days include the Rolls Royce Ghost (a more modern take on the classic models) and the Rolls Royce Silver Cloud or Spirit. Of course for a truly classic experience the bride and groom can select from some of the models created in the 40’s such as the Silver Wraith.

For those who are confident that the weather will play along there is also the choice of the open topped Rolls Royce convertible.

Another classic choice are the cars that are manufactured by Bentley. These are comparable in style to the Rolls Royce but offer unique styling touches that will draw the attention of every wedding guest and convey the wedding couple in style and comfort as they begin their journey of wedded bliss.

The Bentley Cloud which was manufactured in the early 1960’s is an evergreen choice for marriage festivities.

Whichever classic car is selected – and most will help to cement those memories of that special day in the minds of everyone present their is one component that should not be forgotten. That most important part of the classic car wedding experience – the chauffeur. Went renting a classic car for a wedding care should be taken to ensure that the person driving it is professional and has the qualifications and experience to make the journey memorable.

A classic car for a wedding is the perfect choice. Style and comfort and the stuff of dreams – just like that special day should be.