Pageants are a true subterfuge of recent times entwining raucous garage-rock with smooth tropical vibes, humourist observations, and an occasional defeatist air. Songwriter Ben Pell is true of the phrase, a diamond in the rough, or a rough diamond even; ...Read More


‘The Electric Sounds of Faraway Choirs’ is the second full-length album by duo Children Of The Wave. Following the release of their debut album ('Carapace'; August 2008), Children of the Wave slowly developed one of the most engaging live sets around ...Read More

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Life is debut full-length album by NO ZU. Formed by the humbly enigmatic Nicolaas Oogjes, NO ZU began life back in 2007 as an outlet for Nic’s rhythm and weird-funk experimentations. At that time, Nic was a member of TTT, ...Read More


Girlfriends is the third album release from Lehmann B. Smith, his first for Melbourne label Sensory Projects (Lost Animal, New War, Love Connection, Pets With Pets, The Ancients..). Girlfriends finds Lehmann at the top of his game, delivering twelve watertight pop ...Read More


*** DELETED (sorry!) **** ‘New War’ was recorded in Melbourne with Lindsay Gravina (Magic Dirt, Adalita, Rowland S Howard, HTRK, Hungry Ghosts..) and features nine tracks, including the acclaimed single ‘Ghostwalking’. 'Ghostwalking' was released in September 2011 on 12” vinyl by ...Read More

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*** OUT OF STOCK *** 'Ex Tropical' is the debut album by Jarrod Quarrell AKA Lost Animal. ‘Ex Tropical' exudes everything that makes for a great album; heart, soul, flesh and blood, sensuality and reflection. Musically there’s resonance, groove and groan. The ...Read More

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'Maidenhair' is the first album for Sensory Projects by Crumbs, or Max Crumbs as he is known. Sensory Projects and Crumbs hooked up in 2010 when Crumbs remixed ‘Guillotine’ from Faux Pas' 'Noiseworks' album. An initial plan to compile Crumbs' first ...Read More


Love Connection's second album 'Euphoria’ is a series of remarkably effortless explorations into layered guitar music. Creating a beautifully opaque collection of swirling, harmonising pop songs that string together catchy, cleaner, sharper gems than the bands 2010 self-titled debut. ‘Euphoria’ was written ...Read More


Format: 12" vinyl; full-colour artwork, gatefold cover, comes with digital download card featuring all eight tracks. There is no CD format for this release. BUY HERE: Also available is Let Music & Bodies Unite’ vinyl and ‘Daughter of Sunshine’ CD pack ...Read More


'Ex Tropical' is the debut album by Jarrod Quarrell AKA Lost Animal. 'Ex Tropical' (the title inspired by a period spent in the tropics as a child) was written during the life of Quarrell's last project, St ...Read More


Here, lathering one another with sun tan oil and fish guts are two of the most exciting bands in the World right now, Love Connection and Pets With Pets. 'Home On The Wave' is a collaborative effort, the bands recording ...Read More


Internal Temporal Order is the debut solo album from David Evans, ‘infamously’ the drummer in This is Your Captain Speaking.  Internal Temporal Order was composed and performed entirely on standard drum kit, with the addition of brooms & brushes and ...Read More


"Not just noise, not just drums, but something that reaches ecstatic, bombastic heights." Pitchfork Brooklyn’s Aa (say 'Big A little a') have been honing their unique blend of intensely stylized DIY maximalism in the lofts and clubs of New York since ...Read More


Emerging triumphant from the swaggering backward streets and gnarled innards of No Wave, Kraut-rock, shoe-gaze and fixed stares, Viscount Zayd Thring and Jonox Edmonds AKA Pets With Pets present Saturday Aquatic Pixie Acid. As unwavering as the wildest ride, as soggy ...Read More


'Mystery Twin' is a trip, transcending from the footpath, through unmown grass carpets, rising through cheek-pink and spring-blue skies, interconnecting with cul-de-sac's of forest, sky, and technicolour pastures. Cailan Burns (aka Mystery Twin) moves postureless, pop-infused sounds from the sleepy confines ...Read More


The follow-up to their sublime release on UK label Moteer, The Ancients' 'The Ancients 2' is a bold declaration heralding their new found collectedness, The Ancients now being the combined powers of founder Jonathan Michell, Georgina ...Read More


White Woods formed in Melbourne in 2008, all having relocated to the Garden State from Hobart in Tasmania. Ever since, White Woods have impressed with raw, droning live shows, showcasing their noisy pop and angular guitars ...Read More


Noah Symons aka Great Earthquake is a real renaissance man. Most days he can be found writing playing and performing music as Great Earthquake or as a member of art-folk outfit Timothy and Wilderness or post-punk band ...Read More


‘Noiseworks’, the second full-length album from Faux Pas, is a bold vision of 21st century synth-pop lovingly crafted by one man, Melbourne's Tim Shiel. In the four years since his 2006 debut record ‘Entropy begins at home’ – a self-released pastiche ...Read More


The debut release from Rat Vs Possum is out now through Sensory Projects. Rat Vs Possum have gone from front-room jamming to a bursting field of rollicking electrical energy within a very short period of time. The foursome of Daphne Shum, ...Read More


Listen to I Know You're Real: Here Formed in April 2009, Love Connection are Dean Noble, Kobi Simpson, Nathan Burgess and Michael Caterer. Within 6 months of forming, their debut album was written, recorded, mixed and ...Read More


Listen to Steamroller: Here RIYL: Arcade Fire, Broken Social Scene, Tom Waits, Low, Bon Iver, Beirut The vision that is Bruce Peninsula was dreamed up by Misha Bower and Matt Cully in the Summer of 2006. Slowly, Bruce ...Read More


MUM SMOKES formed in 2003, the union of Jonathan Michell (The Ancients, Breaking The Law), Julian Patterson (Minimum Chips, Kes Band, Guy Blackman), and Karl Scullin (Kes, ex-Bird Blobs). ‘Railroads, Chasms, and Fantasies’ was self-released on Struggle Town Records in 2006 ...Read More


The brand new album from Panoptique Electrical, Yes To Fear Yes To Desire is released in August 2009 via Sensory Projects. The album features 14 beautiful new songs from Jason Sweeney, following on from 2008’s Let ...Read More


Formed by Jonathan Michell (The Ancients) in 2003, MUM SMOKES were originally a three-piece, now, the band is comprised of four songwriters; Michell, Karl Scullin (KES Band), Julian Patterson (Minimum Chips) and - member since 2006 ...Read More


The solo project of Richard Vincent Adams of Leeds, England, he co-founder of HOOD. Goodbye Minnesota delivers hypnotic melancholia via abstract hip-hop, shoe-gaze, dub, and electronic folk, with spectral atmospheres anchored to pastoral roots. Read More


Onward with the debut album from The Sun Blindness. Already having found a fanbase on-line, The Sun Blindness finally release their widescreen debut, Like Pearly Clouds; an album drenched in dreamy psychedelia, druggy, droning landscapes, and ...Read More


Panoptique Electrical is Jason Sweeney, best known for his work as part of Pretty Boy Crossover. ‘Let the darkness at you’ collects instrumental pieces recorded by Sweeney for film, animated film, and theatre performances, in various towns ...Read More


Five years on from their hugely acclaimed second album ‘Wear The Weight Of The Resting Sky’, ‘Playtime for John Mountain’ is The Rectifiers' most ambitious and accomplished work to date and signals the return of one ...Read More


‘Tingling Cheeks Are Love’ is a wonderful two-disc 35 track compilation celebrating 50+ releases from highly revered tastemaker Melbourne label Sensory Projects. ‘Tingling Cheeks Are Love’ features tracks from Hood, MONO, City City City, Minus Story , ...Read More


For their fourth album, The Sand Pebbles shook off the modern world and went to a place where the desert meets the sea. They spent two weeks away from civilization, their provisions being rather minimal; a ...Read More


Canon Blue AKA Daniel James, wrote, recorded, and played almost every instrument on his debut album, Colonies. Colonies is a record that defies its ‘bedroom artist’ origins; covering a range of emotions with its wonderfully textured, ...Read More


Their debut album; filled with experiments in pop, ethnic-melds, field recordings, and cinematic abstractures. Think Animal Collective, Mum, Grand Salvo, Tuung, Eno, and Juana Molina. ‘Children of the Wave are a two-piece comprising a music writer and ...Read More


Matthew Cooper AKA Eluvium is based in Portland, Oregon, and has been recording mostly for the Temporary Residence record label for the past decade.   His first release for Temporary Residence, Lambent Material, was released in 2003. Cooper's ambient pieces were said to recall ...Read More


With their third album, evolution took hold of International Karate. After two acclaimed albums, the foursome from Melbourne moved above and beyond their traditional post-rock leanings and the band found the confidence that they'd been searching for. Those who'd hoped for ...Read More