What Are The Most Fuel Efficient Cars For Peak Hour Commuting?

Peak hour commuting is something that people have had to live with for decades. The problem is that there has been an increase in the number of cars on the road which makes peak hour traffic worse. If you have to commute during peak hours, you need to consider whether you have the best car for the journey. Fuel efficiency is something that you need to consider as this could be increasing the costs of your daily commute.

Petrol, Diesel Or Hybrid?

The type of car that you drive will play a large role in how efficient your daily commute is. There are 3 types of cars generally available on the market and they are petrol, diesel and hybrids. It is important that you consider how each could affect your commute.

When you are stuck in peak hour traffic, you will be stopping and starting your car a lot. This uses more fuel than travelling a long distance. This is due to the fact that your engine will burn more petrol or diesel when it has to start accelerating. This is why petrol and diesel cars are not actually the best for peak hour commuters.

A hybrid vehicle is actually much better for people who are regularly stuck in congestion during the commute. This is down to the electric motor that the car uses for stop and start acceleration. You will not be burning any fuel which makes the car more fuel efficient and it is better for the environment.

Other Factors To Consider

One of the other factors that you have to consider when choosing the best car for your commute is the cost. Hybrid and other alternative fuel vehicles are generally more expensive than their petrol and diesel counterparts. This can price them out of the average person’s car budget which makes them the less ideal choice.

Of course, if you have the funds to buy an alternative fuel vehicle or a hybrid, you should carefully consider your options. Some of these vehicles will cost a lot more than others without offering you anything different other than the brand name. You also need to look at the actual mileage you will be able to get on the electric motor which is vital to how efficient the car will be during traffic.

Moving past fuel consumption, you will need to consider how comfortable your car is. Peak hour traffic can take a while to clear and this means that you are going to be spending a lot of time in your car. You will not want to spend the hour commute in an uncomfortable environment. It is recommended that you look for a car that has comfortable seats and will have all the mod-cons that you have come to expect from your vehicle.

Hybrid vehicles are the most efficient when you are commuting during peak hours because they use an electric motor for stop-start movements. However, they are generally more expensive which can price them out of your budget.


Arrive And Depart In Style – Classic Cars For Weddings

A wedding day is probably one of the most important and emotional days of any couples lives. It is one that will create memories that will last a lifetime and one that will be celebrated for years to come by family and friends. it should be a day that is filled with joy and a sense of style and occasion.

What better way could there be to reinforce the importance and emotions of the day than to rent that classic car to convey the bride to that most important of days and convey them to and from the wedding ceremony and reception in an elegant package that will compliment the glowing nature of the bride and the pride of the groom.

For the married couple the choice of which classic car to choose can be a difficult one, however there are some evergreen favorites that will never go out of style.

The first is of course the classic Rolls Royce.

If there is a single automobile that conveys a sense of style and occasion it is the Rolls Royce. The classic models provide a visual cue as to the importance of the day and will only compliment the appearance of the bride. Of course the sheer spaciousness of these models will also allow the bride to be with an experience that will allow her to arrive glowing and unruffled at the wedding irrespective of the complexity and style of her wedding gown.

Models that have long been associated with occasions of only the utmost importance and have been selected by royalty and the super rich in celebration of these days include the Rolls Royce Ghost (a more modern take on the classic models) and the Rolls Royce Silver Cloud or Spirit. Of course for a truly classic experience the bride and groom can select from some of the models created in the 40’s such as the Silver Wraith.

For those who are confident that the weather will play along there is also the choice of the open topped Rolls Royce convertible.

Another classic choice are the cars that are manufactured by Bentley. These are comparable in style to the Rolls Royce but offer unique styling touches that will draw the attention of every wedding guest and convey the wedding couple in style and comfort as they begin their journey of wedded bliss.

The Bentley Cloud which was manufactured in the early 1960’s is an evergreen choice for marriage festivities.

Whichever classic car is selected – and most will help to cement those memories of that special day in the minds of everyone present their is one component that should not be forgotten. That most important part of the classic car wedding experience – the chauffeur. Went renting a classic car for a wedding care should be taken to ensure that the person driving it is professional and has the qualifications and experience to make the journey memorable.

A classic car for a wedding is the perfect choice. Style and comfort and the stuff of dreams – just like that special day should be.


An Air Compressor Make It Easier To Work On Your Car

One of the ways that you can tell if someone is serious about working on their car is through their air compressor system. An air compressor is an essential piece of kit for any garage that has moved past the hobby phase. There are many reasons why air compressors are used for working on cars with the most important being the fact that they make it faster and easier to work on a car.

Why You Need An Air Compressor

Air compressors are recommended when you work on your car because they will make the everyday tasks you complete much easier. The compressed air in these systems will give you more power to complete tasks which would have taken more time and power than you would want to spend. When you have more power behind your tools, you can easily change a tire or fix the metal of your car. You don’t necessarily need to buy one, you could also just hire an air compressor in Perth for a specific job.

How Air Tools Make Car Work Easier

There are many different air tools that you can get which attach to the end of your air compressor. The price of the tools will vary, but it is important to remember that cheaper tools will not give you the same quality as more expensive ones. It is recommended that you spend more on the tools you are going to use more regularly.

An inflator and air gauge are essential when you have an air compressor. These air tools will make filling flat tires much easier. These are fairly flexible tools which allow you to complete a range of inflation tasks, even ones that are not related to your car, in a snap.

An air drill is another tool that will make working on your car much easier. Air drills have the power to drill large holes into metal without the worry of them overheating. They will also not run out of power part way through the hole like some portable drills might.

Air orbital sanders should also be considered as they will have more power than an electric sander. They also provide you with a smoother action which is something that you need when you work on your car. The smoother action has the additional benefit of not tiring your hands as quickly when you use the sander.

An air ratchet is something that many people do not consider because a manual ratchet is able to do the job perfectly. However, if you want a tool that will work faster, then an air ratchet is essential. When you have this tool, you will save a lot of time on the bigger car projects that you are thinking about doing and it’s just as safe.

An air paint sprayer is ideal for anyone who is thinking of changing the color of their car on their own. High-volume, low-pressure paint sprayers will deliver much better results than other paint sprayers. Of course, this is not something that most people have to consider as they will not be changing the color of their cars in their garage.


Finding The Right Trailer To Transport Your Car

If you’re moving to a new location, you may want to hire a trailer to transport your car. The right trailer will allow you to bring your car with you without driving it. You’ll be able to get your car to its new location without putting any miles on it.

However, you need to be cautious about the trailer you hire. Make sure you select the right trailer to transport your vehicle.

Select A Trailer That is Designed To Transport Cars

You don’t want to store your car in just any trailer. You need to make sure that the trailer is specifically designed to transport cars. When you talk to the equipment rental company, let them know why you are renting the trailer. Check to see if there is any equipment that they recommend.

If you place your car in the wrong kind of trailer, you could damage both the vehicle and the trailer. Don’t hire a trailer unless you’ve confirmed that the transport equipment can safely carry cars.

Make Sure The Trailer Is The Right Size For Your Car

A person that drives a large four-door sedan may not want to use the same kind of trailer as a person that drives a small, sporty couple. Cars come in many different sizes. You should try to rent a trailer that’s the appropriate size for your car.

You don’t want to use a trailer that is much larger than your car. If a trailer is too large, your car may wind up being jostled around. At the same time, a trailer that is too small will be impossible to use. Check the size of both the trailer and the car before you hire anything. Make sure that your vehicle is a great fit for the trailer.

Rent From A Reliable Company

Your car is a valuable possession. You’re not going to want to use a shoddy trailer to transport it. Make sure that the company you hire a trailer from is completely reliable. You should be able to count on them to get your car to where it needs to be.

If you don’t know much about the companies in your area that rent out transport equipment, now is the right time for you to learn more. Look into local companies. Find out which companies are worthy of your trust.

Make Sure The Trailer You Rent Can Be Properly Hitched

If you’re transporting your car with a trailer, you’re going to be hitching that trailer to another vehicle. You need to make sure that the vehicle you’re driving will be able to support that weight.

Try to learn more about both the vehicle you’ll be driving and the trailer hitch behind it. See how much weight it can support.

You need to be very careful when you transport your car. You don’t want to damage your vehicle in any way; you should make sure that your car remains in great shape. If you hire the right trailer, you’ll be able to get your car to its destination safely.


Preventative Maintenance Tips to Avoid Expensive Trailer Repairs

We barely think about trailers when talking about heavy duty equipment maintenance. Trailers are designed to be sturdy and do not require too much maintenance unlike other equipment. However, repairing a trailer, as you would expect, is a very expensive endeavour. This is where preventative maintenance comes into the picture. World Diesel perform many trailer repairs in Perth, Western Australia. In this post, we are going to mention a few preventative maintenance tips to avoid costly trailer repairs and keep it running long even after the warranty expires.

Clean the Trailer

Perhaps this is the most obvious maintenance tip, but it is worth mentioning. If you live in a cold climate trailers are usually coated with chemicals during the winter season to keep the internal parts from freezing, but you should not forget to clean off these chemicals during spring time. That’s because they can take a toll on the wiring and even corrode the metal parts of the vehicle. If you’re transporting soil or anything else that can hold moisture, this can cause rust, so this should also be cleaned immediately after use.

Inspect The Tire Inflation

As with any other vehicle, the ideal tire pressure can save you a lot of money in terms of mileage. Deflated tires tend to put some additional strain to the engine, causing it to use more fuel than required. Not only that, deflated tires also wear quickly and easily and may call for replacement sooner than you think. So, always ensure your trailer tires are properly inflated before driving.

Keep an Eye on The Seals

Moisture leaking into the trailer through faulty weather stripping and seals is a common issue. Seals tend to degrade over time, and some brands are known for not using ideal seals to begin with. When they start to break down, they allow water seepage, thus damaging the surfaces and creating an ideal environment for mold growth. So, check the seals around the doors and windows every few months to avoid deterioration. Also, keep an eye out for water stains, loose pieces and cracks. Even the smallest of cracks can pave way for water. You can ideally consider resealing the trailer periodically to be on the safe side.

The Brakes

Brakes are without a shadow of doubt, an important part of trailer maintenance. Accidents are not uncommon and brakes failure is usually the cause. So, pay attention to the angle between the slack adjuster and the air chamber push rod. You are looking to a right angle, otherwise, the brakes require re-adjusting.


A properly lubricated trailer will certainly last longer. Friction between moving parts is one of the major causes of wear and you can slow this down by regularly lubricating the components of the vehicle.

Get Regular Checkups

It does not have to be too often and it does not have to be thorough, but having your trailer checked once in a while is a good idea. Auto repair professionals can give you indispensable tips and advice after taking a look at your vehicle. This information could save you from incurring an expensive repair.

The best trailers have low maintenance costs and run for long even after the warranty expires. So, practice these tips and you will enjoy an optimally working vehicle for a long time.

For more information:

World Diesel
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O’Connor WA 6163
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5 future car technologies that you can expect

The automotive industry is incorporating new technologies continuously. We have seen drastic changes in the design and performance of cars due to technological advancements. Here are five future car technologies that you might see.

Cars will communicate with one another

In future, cars will be able to communicate with each other and with objects surrounding them as well. So, a car can warn you of a potential collision. The car can automatically hit your brake to avoid an accident. Auto manufacturers like Ford are testing Vehicle-to-Vehicle communication to avoid accidents.

Self-driving cars

You have seen this in many movies and we will soon have it in reality. Google engineers in California and Nevada have already tested this on the road. By using radars, cameras, etc. the car will be able to process information more quickly than the human.

Augmented reality dashboards

You will have displays on the windshield. Your car will be able to spot external objects and provide information about them on your windshield.

Airbags will stop your cars

There has been a lot of development in car air bags. Now we have side airbags, knee airbags, and more. Researchers are trying to find a way airbags can stop the car before the collision. This will enhance the safety feature of the car.

Energy-storing body panels

These body panels will be able to store energy and charge more quickly than normal batteries. In Europe, many car manufacturers are testing body panels.

These new technologies will improve the car’s performance and change the way we drive. Cars will be safer and will be able to reach our destination more comfortably.


4 tips to drive safely at night

Many times we have to drive after dark. Whether we are coming from office or going somewhere else, driving at night is harder than that during day time. You should pay extra attention when driving at night. Keep in mind the following tips.

Take breaks while driving

Most people work from 9 am to 5 pm. If they have to work longer and leave office after dark, they get very tired. If you are driving when you are tired, you are at more risk of having an accident. A survey result shows that driver fatigue is a major reason for night time accidents as drivers tend to fall asleep when driving. So, if you are feeling sleepy and tired, you should stop the car at a safe place, then drink or eat something and if needed sleep before you feel good to drive again.

Plan ahead

You should plan to check if there is any problem in the route you are going to take. You should listen to local radio stations for traffic and weather updates.

Do full servicing of car before winter

Driving in the dark during the winter season can be tough. You need to make sure that your car is in good condition to be on the road during the cold days. You should check your wiper blades, brakes, and other things to see if your car is in good condition. You should do the necessary repair works before your car hits the road at dark during the winter months.

Check night vision

You should take this matter lightly. You should do a regular check of your eyes if you often have to drive at night. Many people find it difficult to see at night. You should make sure that you can see well at dark.

Always be cautious when you drive a night. If you think that you are too tired or having difficulty in seeing things at night then don’t drive. This way you can avoid fatal car accidents.


Top 3 factors that people often ignore when purchasing a luxury car

Who doesn’t want to own a luxury car? A luxury car speaks of the success of its owner. The prestige that comes with owning a luxury car is unbelievable. If you are lucky enough to have the money to buy a luxury car, then you should consider the following factors before buying.

Check the car’s residual value

Most luxury cars are leased. You should calculate the residual value at the end of the lease period before buying the car. The car you buy should be of value. It tells about the durability of the car. You will find many resources to find the residual value of the car.

Check out the warranty

Car manufacturers provide extended warranty as well. You should consider the rust protection and other aspects of the car. The warranty should cover many years so that you can stay assured that your car will last longer.

Check the maintenance package

Many manufacturers offer maintenance package. You should check whether it is available. You will be able to save lots of money on maintenance works.

These factors should not be overlooked. Before buying the car, you should visit the showroom to check the condition of the car. You should also consider buying a used car. You should do thorough research to ensure that you get good value for money on the purchase of your luxury car.